Photoshop 101

When it comes editing photos I used to use very basic editing programs.  For example, I used to use Google’s Picassa (hey, it was free), or Photoshop Elements 11 (that was definitely NOT free).  With those programs I would use the most basic of basic editing tools, like turning images black and white or made some tweaks in the exposures.  But I’m proud to say that I recently fell in love with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5.  Now I never saw the need for any heavy duty photoshopping on my photos since I take mostly nature and people photos.  WELL, today on this snowy and blustery cold Friday (my work closed today), I finally learned how you can incorporate photoshop into every day photos!  Last Saturday I woke up to the most beautiful snowfall I’ve seen in years here in northeast Ohio.  Literally every branch had a beautiful layer of snow on it.  When I woke up and saw some of Mother Nature’s winter wrath I immediately grabbed my camera and headed to one of our local parks.  The snowy scenes were like out of a movie!  Everything was covered in white fluffy snow.  There was one picture in particular I snapped that morning that I thought I needed to capture.  It was the entrance into the park…with the car tracks on the curving road and snow covered white trees I thought it was a beautiful scene.  Here is that image:


 Now I thought this picture turned out pretty decent, however I wish there were trees all around instead of just on one side but hey, we can’t have everything.  Anyway, the more I looked at this photo the more the speed limit sign bothered me.  Now this photo to me is about simple winter beauty, not a “speed limit 20″ sign on the side of the road.  I get that ultimately this IS a picture of a main road into the park but it still doesn’t mean I like this sign ;) Back to the point of this blog, I wanted to see what this picture would look like without the speed limit sign.  So I opened up Lightroom 5 and started messing around with spot removal & dealt with a lot (and I mean A LOT) of trial and error.  After a lot of “ughh!!” or “OH MY GOD I GIVE UP!” thoughts and comments to myself I finally messed with it just enough to get a decent PHOTOSHOPPED (yes, I said photoshopped) picture– that I am proud to say is speed limit sign-less!  Here is that image (I also made some color changes):


 I have to say after accomplishing my very first photoshopped photo, I feel very proud!  Like I have said in my very first blog entry on this site, I want to use this blog as a way of sharing photography adventures and milestones for a beginning photographers, like me.  Sure all I did was erase a speed limit sign, but hey for someone who has started from scratch with photography and has NO experience in photo editing, I’d say this is pretty nifty!  I would love to hear your feedback (both positive and negative) in the comments!

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